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Here’s Everything We Adore From Emily Season 3 Fashion


Here’s Everything We Adore From Emily Season 3 Fashion

Ever since the conclusion of the initial season, the Emily in Paris series has cultivated its own group of enthusiasts. You either have a strong affinity for it or you don’t resonate with it at all. Darren Star’s creations typically revolve around everyday scenarios, but for some spectators, Emily’s journey in Paris seems too much like a “fairy tale.” Nonetheless, for fervent admirers like ourselves, this third season is poised to exude more drama and style.

In the third season, costume designer Marilin Fitoussi has masterfully portrayed each character visually. Emily, the protagonist, is now infusing her wardrobe with French chic aesthetics. Retaining her affinity for vibrant hues and playful patterns, Emily now exudes a sense of maturity and professionalism. Embracing more trousers, Emily personally experiences a transformative “French Revolution.” Other characters whose clothing choices captivate include Mindy, increasingly theatrical; Camille, exuding chic boldness; and Sylvie, consistently sleek and on point.

Eager for some style inspiration? Below, we present What We Admire From Emily Season 3 Fashion In Every Aspect:

A Riot of Colors

As Emily navigates the commencement of this episode, her colorful ensemble perfectly encapsulates the moment. Amidst the uncertainties of her career and relationships, a striped shirt seems fitting. Emily’s optimistic outlook unfailingly triumphs over these challenges, and her partner-in-crime Mindy always complements her impeccable sense of style.

Elegantly Bold Attire

Camille’s fashion sensibilities strike a delicate balance between traditional French aesthetics and a touch of quirkiness, as evident in Seasons 1 and 2. Sporting oversized, chunky glasses reminiscent of Iris Apfel, an orange-green Jacquemus blazer, and a modernized Schiaparelli tweed ensemble.

Exquisite Shimmer

Memorable occasions demand the perfect ambiance and a touch of brilliance. Enter Emily dazzling in a high-neck Paco Rabanne creation. The silver and red ombre effect evokes a striking impact with minimal effort as Emily partakes in an intimate moment with Alfie in episode 3.

Chic Outerwear

Why subject yourself to a stressful day at work in restrictive attire? Emily’s style statement, whether through a rainbow-hued plaid blazer or a whimsical purple and gold jacket layered over an all-black ensemble, is a vibrant burst of color.

Statement Pieces

For her sojourn to the lavender fields, Emily’s outfit couldn’t have been more apt—enhanced by modern jewelry and an elegant updo, it’s a perfect ensemble for the setting. The zebra statement jacket is a standout piece! Noteworthy is Emily’s choice of a Giuseppe Di Morabito creation paired with a chunky lavender jacket for the Maison Lavaux and McLaren event, exuding elegance and charm.

Revival of Gingham

Emily turns heads on the Parisian streets in a monochrome plaid bralette, juxtaposed with a sheer, shrugging blazer and crimson bottoms.

This season, Emily in Paris seems to be embracing the iconic print trend. The blue gingham swimsuit coupled with white-rimmed cat-eye sunglasses makes an unforgettable statement for everyday poolside gatherings.

Near-Monochromatic Elegance!

Monochrome may be one of the hottest 2022 trends, but minimalism does not align with Emily’s sartorial inclinations—and we love her for it. Her attire in this yellow ensemble epitomizes this sentiment.

Every Detail Counts

Emily radiates a vision in pink while dashing over to Alfie. A pink fur coat paired with turquoise platform heels and a sleek ponytail creates a striking contrast against the Parisian backdrop.

Athleisure Aesthetic

The eye-catching cherry pattern may not be typical in Emily’s wardrobe, but it is sure to turn heads at your local gym. Opt for pairing a top and jacket with joggers for your next airport rendezvous—and don’t forget to pack Pierre Cadault’s famed case from season 2!

The Staple Coat

Emily’s go-to when assembling a business casual ensemble for a presentation or interview—a sophisticated coat that elevates the overall look.

Blossoming in Florals

A delightful floral ensemble indeed!

Image Source: DFree / Shutterstock

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