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Discover the Viability of an Ample Shawl for the Cold Season


Discover the Viability of an Ample Shawl for the Cold Season

If you have been keeping an eye on the urban fashion scene this winter, you may have noticed a prevailing tendency towards “knitwear.” Whether you opt for robust wool or elegant cashmere in timeless tones, embrace the vibrant variations and revel in all-encompassing warmth. We particularly admire the oversized shawl trend, pairing flawlessly with coats, basic denim, boots, and assorted accessories.

What Constitutes an Oversized Shawl?

Substantial and broad shawls are winter staples crafted from materials like wool, cashmere, or fleece, designed to be wrapped around the neck for both cosiness and fashion flair during chilly months. These neck drapes can elevate an ensemble or serve as a standout fashion element in line with current trends. While winter shawls typically feature thick fabrics, lighter, more colorful alternatives can double up as fashion accents in milder climates.

Tips for Styling Oversized Shawls

There are numerous ways to showcase your favorite oversized shawl—select the most comfortable approach to curate your distinctive look or experiment with one of the popular methods highlighted below:

Add a Pop of Color

Embrace a spectrum of hues and patterns fearlessly. Drape a generous knit shawl over a coat or exude elegance in cream and brown tones.

Opt for Neutral Hues

Fashion your neutral shawl in a traditional wrap, double wrap, or knotted style for a touch of sophistication or stick to the timeless appeal of seamless silhouettes.

For Formal Affairs

Pair them with a classic black dress and an oversized white coat, as illustrated below. Elevate the look further with high-knee boots for a striking ensemble at formal events.

Select Your Preferred Design Aesthetic

During snowy days when the world may appear colorless, opt for a vividly patterned shawl to inject life into your attire.

Cozy up with a Puffer Jacket

Combine your beloved oversized shawl with a puffer jacket. Opt for a neutral shade for a more subdued look.

Embrace the White Shawl Trend

The white shawl trend is omnipresent this season. Pair it with any ensemble, maybe leather trousers and a white blazer.

Channel Parisian Chic

Sporting the oversized shawl the Parisian way is effortlessly stylish. Consider adopting a Parisian vibe with berets and earthy tones for a toasty appearance.

Introduce a Touch of Fur

While using fur as a primary accessory may not be for everyone, you could opt for a lightweight fur jacket and a bucket hat for added warmth without compromising style.

Image Source: Ground Picture / Shutterstock

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