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The Art of Emulating the Aesthetic of Wednesday Addams


The Art of Emulating the Aesthetic of Wednesday Addams

Ever since the recent Netflix series “Wednesday” featuring Jenna Ortega as the lead character premiered, enthusiasts have been captivated. Particularly by the dark and enigmatic look reminiscent of Wednesday Addams’ style. The essence of style remains faithful to the original character, featuring a large white collar and cuffs, complemented by a black floral shirt adorned with snug button accents. The only subtle difference lies in the slightly voluminous structure of the sleeves.

This gothic trend stands the test of time, making its mark on numerous red carpets and street corners. With Wednesday as the muse, fashion enthusiasts worldwide now have a myriad of fresh elements to infuse into their wardrobe.

Should you seek contemporary inspiration to channel Wednesday’s style, discover the essential styling suggestions below!

Gothic Makeup

To embody Wednesday’s gothic makeup, here are some cosmetic pointers worth exploring.

#Eye makeup

A pivotal element of Wednesday’s makeup is her intense gaze, achieved through bold eye makeup that accentuates the eyes.


Given Tim Burton’s trademark style characterized by pale skin and deep cheekbones, replicating a director Tim Burton-like makeup for Wednesday involves applying a light, pallid base color in line with the character’s appearance.

#Lip Makeup

For lip color, Jenna Ortega opts for MAC Lip Pencil in Nightmoth combined with a clear lip balm. Makeup artist Tara McDonald also recommends achieving plum-brown lips akin to Wednesday’s by blending a lip liner with a touch of lip balm.


A versatile style suitable for various occasions and effortlessly created. Simply part your hair down the middle, twist each side above the ears, ensuring the hair cascades over the shoulders to evoke the essence of Wednesday Addams. This hairstyle promises an iconic and striking appearance.

Vintage Black Dress

Sport a tailored long-sleeved maxi dress with black floral motifs mimicking Wednesday Addams’ signature attire.


For added flair, pair the ensemble with a Cambridge Satchel Company black leather backpack.

Black Ruffle Chiffon Gown

For formal outings, emulate Wednesday Addams’ look with a vintage-inspired black ruffled chiffon sleeveless gown.

Black Cropped Jacket

For the epitome of style, don a black double-breasted cropped jacket as you step out the door.

Image Source: 4 PM production / Shutterstock

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