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Top 10 Revolutionary Retail Giants Remodeling Their Outlets


Top 10 Revolutionary Retail Giants Remodeling Their Outlets

To lure patrons amidst the aftermath of the pandemic and persistent economic pinch, a myriad of labels are pouring multi-million investments into revitalizing their in-person shops.

Retail Gazette scrutinizes a roster of prominent chains renovating their tangible establishments this annum.


Currys is presently revamping 65 of its British storefronts to “enhance shopper interactions”.

The consumer electronics merchant is transforming outlets, including those in Aberdeen Garthdee, Bristol Winterstoke, and Grantham, aiming for heightened user-friendliness and improved showcasing of an extensive range of modern technology.

The overhaul encompasses expanded assortments in departments such as TVs and computers, upgraded areas dedicated to customer support, a more efficient mobile section, and augmented rooms for employee resources.

The refurbishing drive benefits from the company’s Asset Reclaim Centre, which salvages and reconditions store equipment for subsequent utilization.


Marks & Spencer pushes forward its ambition to modernize its network of stores with a £480 million injection into “superior, more expansive stores”, culminating in 20 new venues last year.

The enhancement crusade vigorously proceeds this year with nine new food premises and a possible four complete stores on the horizon.

An impressive £30 million is allocated for the overhaul of M&S’s London-based stores. This promises two new food emporiums and the rejuvenation of up to 12 outlets in locales like Blackheath and Islington.

The spotlight shines on a fresh 7,200 square-foot marketplace-inspired food hall in Sidcup and a robust 18,000 square-foot establishment in Friern Barnet.

The twelve rejuvenated stores will absorb expanded bakery sections, unique floral and wine showcases, and augmented click-and-collect amenities.


Aldi is funneling £90 million into the enhancement of its establishments this year, ascertaining a shopping experience as premium as its offerings.

The grocer will refresh upwards of 30 stores this summer, with another 100 earmarked for later upgrades.

Anticipated improvements, varying per site, include augmented shopping spaces and the adoption of green solutions such as fridge doors and sustainable refrigerants to slash carbon emissions.

Aldi identifies outlets in Leek, Newport, and Brierly Hill for considerable refurbishments.


Asda has embarked upon a £50 million endeavor for more appealing shopping atmospheres within its extensive supermarkets and superstores.

Set to touch 170 locations, this project aims for a November closure.

Approximately 50 of its larger marketplaces will undergo “significant updates”, receiving new additions and revitalized exteriors and interiors reflective of Asda’s freshened corporate image.

The enhancements, slated for venues in areas including Coventry and Dundee, are planned to span roughly five weeks, with ongoing operations and minimal expected disruptions to patrons.


Waitrose has divulged plans to pour almost £1 billion into the elevation of its outlets.

James Bailey, the executive director, reveals the company’s drive towards “invigorating and polishing” about 80 existing markets.

With pilot modifications at its Sudbury venue striving for livelier and more captivating environments, the entity is intent on vastly improving its count-service options.

Substantial revelations of these refurbished, client-focused stores are slated to commence the following year.

John Lewis

John Lewis is set to activate novel store configurations at specific sites come autumn.

The chain prepares for 160 store refinements through collaboratives with a spectrum of brands and distributors.

Peter Ruis, an executive director, points to the growth of the beauty hall on Oxford Street as a key instance of improvements penciled in throughout the year.

The enhancements are fortified by new tech aimed at boosting customer assistance, including the introduction of crew headsets.

John Lewis’s Horsham location recently experienced a makeover to pilot cutting-edge concepts and services, solidifying its status as a one-stop destination for attire, beauty, tech, and home decor.

Card Factory

Card Factory approaches the conclusion of its shop transformation agenda.

Through its area reallocation venture, impacting 729 spots, the greeting card retailer has cut back everyday card space by 7% to accommodate a 16% growth in the assortment of gifts and party essentials.

The Card Factory’s yearly report acknowledges the economical refurbishment’s favorable sales influence and return on investment in under twelve months.

A further stage envisages an aesthetic touch-up for a limited selection of stores, drawing from the effective pilot of the foregone year.

Revitalized premises now offer a more inviting atmosphere, clear-cut navigation, and design enhancements contributing to heightened store adaptability and work efficacy.

Targeting an increase in turnover exceeding 10%, the novel store concept lays down a blueprint for prospective enlargements and restorations.


The communication titan EE progresses with its retail format revamp, aligning its aims with “satisfying all of our personal electronics needs”.

The label is directing £6 million towards the transformation of its shops this year.

EE anticipates the launch of new EE Studio sites and the makeover of its pint-sized stores.

Back in October, EE broadcasted its leap into the realm of smart living and physical fitness gear, with an array offering everything from intelligent fridges and TVs to kettles and fitness gadgets.

CEO Marc Allera is ambitious to outpace industry behemoths like Amazon and Currys in the race to be a preeminent UK electronics retailer.

New Look’s Reformation Plans

New Look unveils a £3.3 million strategy to refresh 20 stores in the Greater Manchester area.

The apparel chain is experimenting with a plethora of novel concepts, such as innovative layouts and state-of-the-art tech features, coupled with enriched employee instruction. Anticipated to unfold over the year, these advancements set a benchmark for future renovation efforts across the company.

Prospective enhancements for New Look shops include aesthetic upgrades to augment the exhibition experience and accurate portrayal of the trademark’s identity.

In addition, stores are adopting a specialized product lineup tailored to local tastes, and interactive displays will acquaint patrons with an extended array of online products, providing the convenience of next-day in-store collection for a wider range of clothing and footwear.

Primark’s Monumental Investment

Marking fifty years in the UK, Primark is funneling upwards of £100 million into its domestic venues this year.

Having commenced in Dublin in 1969, the business is refurbishing 15 stores aiming for reduced ecological footprints.

The investment similarly includes the inauguration of three new stores, the transfer of three others, and notable expansions, with a highlight being the Westfield Stratford City mall in London.

River Island Embraces Contemporary Overhaul

River Island advances a more nuanced campaign style as it evolves towards the River Studios format.

The label is reimagining its stores to intensify the consumer encounter, as evidenced by its most current renewal at Manchester Arndale shopping centre.

The updated design boasts progressive elements such as interactive changing rooms and automated checkout points, fostering a modern and fluid shopping sphere.

Come September, this overhaul will take effect in three of its Dublin stores, situated at Dundrum Town Centre, Swords, and Blanchardstown, all set for the return of its clientele.

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