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Unveiling the Latest Gender-Neutral Fashion Line at John Lewis and Next


Unveiling the Latest Gender-Neutral Fashion Line at John Lewis and Next

The past Barbour CEO, Ryan Llewellyn-Pace, has launched Hay Life, a gender-inclusive clothing range now featured in prominent retailers like John Lewis and Next.

As a trailblazing lifestyle label committed to gender-neutral attire, Hay Life strives to erase traditional gender divisions and demonstrate the creative possibilities of such an initiative in the fashion industry.

Upholding the credo ‘Breaking tradition is sometimes necessary’, Hay Life is determined to challenge customary fashion practices.

Llewellyn-Pace, who founded the brand and serves as its leader, stated: “We stand at a critical turning point in the fashion realm as we introduce a brand that not only challenges boundaries but also champions substantial change.”

Offering a comfortable, ‘generously-sized fit,’ Hay Life provides patrons with a flexible approach to styling and wearing their clothing items. The pricing begins at £43.60 before tax for knitwear, and upscale outer articles like coats and trousers start from £151.20, tax not included.

Beyond leading the way in style, Hay Life allocates a portion of proceeds to support Young Mind, an organization geared toward youth mental health and assisting with identity-related challenges.

The Hay Life collection underscores its commitment to lessening the environmental toll of agriculture and fashion. It makes a bold statement with recycled straw accessories and seeks to encourage the repurposing of farm by-products, while also donating some of its income to the Sustainable Food Trust.

Moreover, Hay Life focuses on extending the lifespan of its clothing through upkeep and mending collaborations. By joining forces with Sojo, a network for repair and adjustments, and incorporating on-site solutions such as the Clothes Doctor, the label aims to reduce the frequent reliance on washing machines.

Distribution of the brand goes beyond Next and John Lewis, with Hay Life expanding its availability to Hurr rental platforms, as well as niche markets like Outdoor and Country and Out With Style.

Image Source: travellight / Shutterstock


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