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Marks & Spencer Bolsters Its Dedication To Eco-Friendliness With Novel Apparel Repair Program


Marks & Spencer Bolsters Its Dedication To Eco-Friendliness With Novel Apparel Repair Program

In an innovative partnership, M&S unites with Sojo, a team of restoration connoisseurs, to unveil an exceptional garment repair offering.

Commencing in August, patrons of Marks & Spencer will have the opportunity to utilize a custom-tailored mending service through the newly introduced digital portal, ‘M&S Fixed by SOJO’.

Patrons can select from an assortment of repair solutions tailored to their needs, including the reparation of ripped knitwear or the substitution of fasteners, by filing a request online.

Starting at the modest price of £5, clothes from M&S can be sent away, expertly restored by the adept artisans at Sojo, and returned to patrons in a swift span of one to 1.5 weeks.

Launched in 2021 by the avant-garde Josephine Philips, Sojo is dedicated to the mission of refurbishing and mending, aiming to pioneer a shift in the fashion industry.

Marks & Spencer reinforces this recent partnership with its Plan A Accelerator Fund, allocating resources to a variety of innovative endeavors focused on expedient and effective climate action.

In concert with the introduction of this service, M&S is also rolling out its updated sustainability manifesto, Plan A ‘Another life’, on every medium including its online site, mobile application, and brick-and-mortar locations, starting this month. This platform unifies all of M&S’s eco-friendly ventures in one straightforward nexus.

This policy is designed to streamline the quest for circular economy measures for consumers, aiding them in opting for eco-conscious selections with ease.

Additionally, Plan A ‘Another life’ incorporates a didactic series of concise, 60-second instructional clips created by the in-house technical experts at M&S. These modules aim to impart knowledge on various clothing maintenance techniques, from eliminating sweater pills to hemming trousers.

Richard Price, M&S Managing Director of Clothing & Home, states: “Here at M&S, our aim is to provide top-notch quality items. We are committed to ensuring that our garments are treasured, rather than being disposed of too soon.”

“Our latest repair service initiative allows our customers to invigorate their wardrobe essentials effortlessly. Now, they have the choice to engage this convenient feature or our well-established clothing recycling program to augment the durability of their garments,” he elaborates.

Sojo’s Founder and CEO, Josephine Phillips, expresses: “At Sojo, our dream has consistently been to make garment mending commonplace and to enhance the lifespan of attire. It’s exciting to see M&S align with us to propel this concept.”

“As a mainstay in British households and fashion, M&S’s alliance introduces easy and widespread apparel repair options to an extensive demographic. M&S’s dedication to our Pledge to Repair also contributes powerful impetus to our movement for change across the UK fashion trade,” she finishes.

Image Source: patat / Shutterstock

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