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Marks And Spencer Set To Establish Fresh Flagship Outlets In Bath And Bristol


Marks And Spencer Set To Establish Fresh Flagship Outlets In Bath And Bristol

Marks & Spencer has unveiled its ambition to introduce two fresh flagship outlets in Bath and Bristol as part of its drive to strengthen its physical retail presence.

These innovative outlets embody a total investment of £38 million and are designed to offer customers a comprehensive array of Marks & Spencer Food, Apparel, and Beauty items.

Within Bath, Marks & Spencer will relocate its central outlet to a larger 83,000sq ft venue in the SouthGate Shopping Centre, granting current staff at the Stall Street outlet the chance to transfer.

Furthermore, the company is poised to re-enter the city center of Bristol with an 80,000sq ft outlet at Cabot Circus, resulting in the establishment of around 150 new positions.

Stuart Machin, CEO of Marks & Spencer, expressed: “Our aim is to deliver customers with an exceptional shopping experience on each visit. Through the injection of £17 million into a fresh flagship outlet in Bath, we are determined to fulfill this promise and cement Marks & Spencer’s presence in the city.

“Encouraging results from outlet relocations in metropolitan cores such as Liverpool and Birmingham have strengthened us to attract a new customer base and accelerate our strategic objectives.”

Machin added: “We are thrilled to declare our comeback into Bristol city center. The flagship outlet at Cabot Circus enables us to offer customers an exceptional shopping experience and showcase the finest offerings from Marks & Spencer.

“Our store rotation strategy concentrates on ensuring we have strategically positioned outlets that captivate and inspire our clients, particularly in metropolises. This £21 million investment in Bristol will empower us to accomplish that aim while broadening our reach in the South West region.”

During the latest full-year results briefing, Marks & Spencer disclosed its intentions to introduce up to four new full-line outlets and nine fresh foodhalls across the UK in the ongoing fiscal year.

Image Source: WD Stock Photos / Shutterstock

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