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Fortnum & Mason Unveils A Subscription Delivery Solution


Fortnum & Mason Unveils A Subscription Delivery Solution

Fortnum & Mason has launched an innovative subscription delivery solution to bring the delight of Fortnum’s merchandise directly to people’s doorsteps.

Known as Fortnum’s Dispatch, commencing today (July 4), it presents three subscription choices for their cookies, premium teas, and preserves.

The Tea Parcel, available at £100 annually, grants members monthly replenishments of Fortnum’s tea assortments for a full year. Subscribers will also get a personalized porcelain cup, container, and filter.

Priced at £20 per month, the Cookie Parcel provides top-up supplies of favored Toffolossus, Chocolossus, or Gingerlossus cookies on subscriptions spanning three, six, or 12 months.

The third option, The Afternoon Tea Dispatch, comes at £75 monthly, encompassing an assortment of tea, cookies, and a selection of preserves or spreads.

Tom Athron, the CEO, expressed, “There’s been a whirlwind of activity here, and we’ve been innovatively strategizing approaches to deliver Fortnum’s cheer to more households. Our recent subscription service, Fortnum’s Dispatch, supplies tea, cookies, and preserves monthly, for as long as you desire.”

He further mentioned, “This marks just the initial phase of a series of creative propositions in our 317-year legacy.”

Image Source: AmbrosiniV / Shutterstock

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