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The Latest Jacquemus Advertisement Featuring Blackpink’s Jennie & Adorable Dogs


The Latest Jacquemus Advertisement Featuring Blackpink’s Jennie & Adorable Dogs

Jennie, a well-liked member of Blackpink, has recently made a significant impact in the fashion industry after being chosen as the representative for Jacquemus’s holiday 2023 campaign. The campaign showcased charming canines as her co-stars, adding an endearing twist.

The photo shoot, taken by photographer Daniel Arnold, presents the delightful Guirlande collection, capturing the spirit of celebration. This partnership follows Jennie’s remarkable cover feature in Harper’s Bazaar Korea, where she flaunted fashionable creations from the renowned French designer label. Through this fresh endeavor, she seamlessly transitions from magazine covers to a mesmerizing holiday-themed campaign, solidifying her status as a fashion icon.

Jennie in the Jacquemus Holiday 2023 Advertisement

The campaign spotlights a variety of stunning ensembles perfectly suited for the festive season. Jennie dazzles in a glistening crimson minidress, evoking images of festive decorations, as well as a snug emerald sweater paired with a glimmering silver skirt and stockings. Together, these outfits exude a cozy Christmas ambiance.

Showcased in this collection are a fashionable ivory knitted dress and a wool-accented miniskirt, both making a noteworthy impression and enhancing the standout pieces. These attire options provide a distinct and refined approach to styling. Each ensemble is meticulously crafted to present the ideal fusion of elegance and lightheartedness, a signature aspect of the Jacquemus brand.

Blackpink’s Jennie sets a stylish holiday mood while donning a wool-trimmed bandeau top paired with a miniskirt. This ensemble encapsulates the essence of a sophisticated and festive holiday period. The photo was taken by Daniel Arnold.

Jennie looks enchanting in this campaign, accompanied by her charming canine companions, including a dachshund and an amiable Labrador. Their presence infuses an adorable and playful element into the photoshoot.

Image Source: jennierubyjane @ instagram

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