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Reaching the Slopes with the Joshua Vides x Colmar Partnership


Reaching the Slopes with the Joshua Vides x Colmar Partnership

The cutting edge partnership between Joshua Vides and Colmar has been revealed. Image: Colmar

Blending contemporary creativity with ageless expertise, the Joshua Vides x Colmar collaboration has been unveiled, introducing a captivating 10-piece collection after a tantalizing preview earlier this month.

Film Showcasing Joshua Vides x Colmar Collaboration

Renowned for his distinctive black marker cartoon illustrations, Joshua Vides infuses his unique style into Colmar’s established 100-year-old tradition in ski and outdoor apparel. Drawing inspiration from the brand’s extensive archives, Vides adds a contemporary twist to the designs through his artistic flair.

The Joshua Vides x Colmar collection introduces a contemporary twist to the century-old craftsmanship from Italy. Image: Colmar

The promotional images and film, set against a breathtaking outdoor backdrop, exhibit models showcasing the new collection, seamlessly merging the natural scenery with vibrant designs. The collection itself offers a blend of fashion and practicality.

An eye-catching cashmere beanie from Joshua Vides x Colmar brings a playful touch to winter fashion. Image: Colmar

From a reversible padded avalanche jacket that transforms its appearance with a flip to printed joggers and a luxurious cashmere knitted sweater, each piece pays homage to Colmar’s legacy in outfitting Olympic ski champions. The collaboration also includes a reversible hooded vest and a cashmere beanie with a trompe l’oeil ski goggle effect, injecting a whimsical element into your winter wardrobe.

Models posing against a striking outdoor backdrop, effortlessly showcasing the Joshua Vides x Colmar collection. Image: Colmar

While Colmar boasts a rich history dating back to 1923 in Monza, Italy, this collaboration propels the brand into the future. Evolving from crafting hats and cotton suits to pioneering technical ski apparel, Colmar has always been at the vanguard of fashion and functionality. The collaboration with Joshua Vides is no exception.

A reversible hooded vest from Colmar’s collaboration with Joshua Vides. Image: Colmar

The gender-neutral collection ranges in price from USD $70 to USD $878 and offers both essential pieces and statement-making items. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or strolling through urban streets, these pieces offer versatility without compromising on style.

The collection is now available on Colmar’s website and at the iconic retailer, Antonio, in Milan. This collaboration exemplifies Colmar’s enduring attraction, reimagined through the artistic lens of Joshua Vides.

Image Source: Colmar Originals @ YouTube

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