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Explore The Top Korean Handbag Labels You Should Discover Immediately


Explore The Top Korean Handbag Labels You Should Discover Immediately

Over the recent years, South Korea has emerged as a hub for fashion trends. Handbags play a crucial role in completing an outfit, and we have curated a list of The Most Popular Korean Handbag Brands You Need to Explore:

Featuring chic bags from some of Korea’s most sought-after labels. With styles ranging from casual to sporty, there is a plethora of design choices to cater to all preferences. Known for their reasonable price ranges, these brands offer unique pieces that stand out from the typical social media trends.

For a quick overview, we have gathered a selection of renowned Korean bag brands that are adored in South Korea and beyond. Whether your style leans towards casual, classy, or edgy, we have compiled the latest in-demand designs for you.


If you’ve been following the latest Korean fashion movements, MARHEN.J is probably on your radar. This brand excels in crafting designer bags that are not only visually appealing but also practical.

2. Koimooi

If you enjoy experimenting with playful and unconventional designs, KOIMOOI is a top Korean bag brand for you. The name ‘KOI’ is inspired by a type of goldfish known to thrive in spacious waters.

3. Find Kapoor

Besides the striking colors, this trendy bag’s standout feature is its strap. Opt for a snakeskin sling or a studded bracelet strap to alter the bag’s vibe.

4. Alice Martha

Add a fresh touch to your collection with an Alice Martha bag. Embraced by K-Pop idols like Bora Sista, Alice Martha stands out as a popular Korean bag brand for women.


OSTKAKA elevates bucket bags with imaginative designs inspired by Swedish creativity.

6. Pleats Mama

Pleats Mama is committed to sustainable fashion, using recycled materials in all their products.

7. deMAKER

Offering contemporary handbag models at budget-friendly prices, deMAKER focuses on pushing the boundaries of design with the expertise of two industry veterans.

8. Kitch Studio

Kitch Studio’s bags stand out due to their practical pockets, ensuring your daily essentials are neatly organized. Say goodbye to rummaging through your bag endlessly for your keys.

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