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Cailee Spaeny Sparkles In Bulgari Omnia Perfume Advertisements


Cailee Spaeny Sparkles In Bulgari Omnia Perfume Advertisements

Cailee Spaeny appears in Bulgari Omnia perfume Uncover Your Brightness campaign. Image: Jason Hetherington

Cailee Spaeny has been chosen as the newest representative for Bulgari, starring in the promotional campaign for the Omnia fragrance assortment. Titled “Reveal Your Light,” this project is remarkable in its distinction. Noted for her role in Priscilla, Spaeny is captured through the lens of Jason Hetherington.

Cailee Spaeny for Bulgari Omnia Perfume 2023 Campaign

Throughout the campaign, Spaeny is adorned in a remarkable spectrum of hues symbolizing the Bulgari Omnia fragrances—Crystalline, Amethyste, and Coral. Under the direction of Eva Vik, the campaign video crafts an otherworldly ambiance. The uplifting and celestial music enhances the atmosphere while Spaeny showcases the new fragrance vials.

Cailee Spaeny embodies Bulgari’s Omnia enchantment in a stunning coral attire. Image: Jason Hetherington

The reimagining of the Omnia collection aims to enhance the fragrance experience. The vials, crafted in the form of interlocking spheres with gilded embellishments, reflect Bulgari’s opulent nature.

Actress Cailee Spaeny is the forefront of Bulgari fragrance, presenting the Omnia fragrances. Image: Jason Hetherington

Bulgari articulates the evolution of its Omnia collection as observed through Spaeny’s perspective. The brand comments, “The flawlessness of each scent remains unaltered, but Cailee sees the collection through its most daring transformation yet—reimagined vials that bring your brightness to the world.”

Gilded adornments gleam on Bulgari Omnia Coral Eau de Toilette vial. Image: Bulgari

Anticipation is in store for fragrance enthusiasts. The introduction of Dior’s J’adore L’or captivates, drawing the attention of scent aficionados. Let’s also keep in mind Bulgari’s fall 2023 accessories, displaying the brand’s legacy.

Image Source: Bulgari

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