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Top Reasons to Have the Celine Loop Handbag This Winter


Top Reasons to Have the Celine Loop Handbag This Winter

A single line of bags that’s perfect to go with your ensemble right now is the Loop Handbag from Celine. Its sophisticated design and bold construction are great for your winter wardrobe. It was also unveiled as part of Celine’s Spring (Resort) collection in vibrant new shades.

What is the story behind the Celine purse?

This bag’s moniker was inspired by the intricate “fastenings” or “loops” at the bottom of the handles. The Celine Loop Tote is a modernized rendition of the Celine Phantom bag, which interestingly isn’t included in the upcoming Spring collection.

What makes the Celine Handbag stand out?

Distinctive for its fold-over front, which can be concealed within or displayed outside.

It boasts a petite pouch, an internal zippered compartment, and two open pockets. The front can be discreetly hidden inside the bag, offering a much larger interior space. Explore this collection at Celine!

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