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Styling Tips for Lace-Up Ballet Flats


Styling Tips for Lace-Up Ballet Flats

Guidance on Styling with Lace-Up Ballet Flats – In the current moment, flat shoes are making a statement—specifically, lace-up ballet flats are positioned to overshadow slip-on sneakers and pool slides this season.

If you are following any fashion accounts on Instagram, chances are you have come across a fashionista flaunting a pair of lace-up flats on your feed.

Pair your lace-up flats with slim jeans that stop at the ankle (to showcase the flats) and a lightweight sweater.Opting for an all-black ensemble is always a safe choice. Combine black lace-up flats with black trousers and a black sweater. Top off the look with a button-down for a slightly refined appearance.

Lace-up flats are a major sensation right now, so if you wish to embrace this trend, act swiftly – as before long, it might become too chilly to sport them. These flats are delicate, exceedingly feminine, and demand attention. It’s nearly impossible not to admire someone sporting these exquisite flats. Luckily, they also serve as an excellent transitional piece.

There’s an undeniable allure to this footwear that captivates the fashion circle. The laces spiraling up the leg exude an elegance typically associated with heels, yet these are cozy flats.

Rock your dresses without tights until the cool weather sets in. Opt for long-sleeved dresses in autumn, they pair wonderfully with lace-up flats. For early autumn, denim shorts look great when coupled with a long coat and lace-up flats.Experiment with denim-on-denim outfits complemented with lace-up flats. Bright ballet flats with ankle straps as seen on The Pineneedle Collective.

You’ve probably encountered this footwear trend everywhere, and while it may seem laid-back at first glance, the looks ahead demonstrate that when paired with the right pieces, it can elevate your outfit. Brace yourself, you’ll soon be yearning for them in every color and print available.

Image Source: Cozy Home / Shutterstock

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