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The Winter 2023 Advertising Campaign of Saint Laurent Reflects Iconic 80s Fashion Trends


The Winter 2023 Advertising Campaign of Saint Laurent Reflects Iconic 80s Fashion Trends

The winter 2023 advertising campaign of Saint Laurent, as captured by Glen Luchford, embodies an alluring elegance. Blending the daring spirit of the 80s with contemporary grace, the collection narrates a tale that harmonizes diverse eras in a stunning manner. The Saint Laurent Winter 2023 Campaign caters to the contemporary woman’s yearning for a self-assured and arresting appearance. The campaign showcases models Margaux Lion, Awar Odhiang, and Bethany Nagy, who personify distinct facets of the Saint Laurent woman. The featured designs in the campaign pay homage to the brand’s expertise in crafting outfits that exude confidence.

Addresses the modern woman’s longing for a confident and captivating fashion statement.

Central to these visuals are models Margaux Lion, Awar Odhiang, and Bethany Nagy, each embodying the facets of the Saint Laurent woman. The showcased designs in the campaign are a tribute to the brand’s skill in creating ensembles that radiate confidence.

Saint Laurent Winter 2023 Campaign

This image is from the Saint Laurent Winter 2023 campaign, featuring model Margaux Lion in a sleek black backless top and high-waist bottom, adorned with silver accessories. The photo is taken by Glen Luchford.From the timeless leather jacket to oversized blazers that blend professional sharpness with a hint of relaxed comfort. However, the collection primarily celebrates figure-hugging silhouettes. These are reinterpreted through snug shapes and daring plunging necklines on bodysuits.

Complementing these are accessories that exude understated luxury – pilot sunglasses, pointed-toe slingback heels, and structured handbags. These elements elevate the sophistication of the ensemble, bringing the entire winter 2023 campaign from Saint Laurent to life. The attention to detail in the accessories complements the overall chic and modern aesthetic of the collection.

The color scheme of the Saint Laurent winter 2023 collection remains faithful to the brand’s heritage, grounded in neutrals that enhance the versatility of the designs and resonate with the theme of refined sensuality. Additional refinement is introduced through Duffy and Karin Westerlund’s artistry, infusing the campaign with sleeked-back hair styling and makeup that adds an air of understated glamour. In comparison to previous campaigns, it is evident that Saint Laurent continues to evolve while remaining true to its fundamental principle of empowering women through daring and exquisite fashion.

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Image Source: SAINT LAURENT @ instagram

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