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The Latest PUMA Palermo 2023 Advertisement Campaign Showcases Dua Lipa


The Latest PUMA Palermo 2023 Advertisement Campaign Showcases Dua Lipa

PUMA has once again elevated the standard in the realm of fashion and athletics, breathing new life into the iconic Palermo sneaker with a modern and lively twist. Leading the advertising campaign is Dua Lipa, set amidst the captivating scenery of a historic Italian villa.

Embracing the blokecore trend, the singer is captured in oversized jerseys paired with denim, a celebration that intertwines the grace of Italian culture with contemporary flair. Photographer Francesco Nazardo’s compelling images encapsulate the essence of the campaign: lively, spontaneous, and teeming with vitality.

Dua Lipa for PUMA Palermo 2023 Campaign

Dua Lipa dons a pink jersey, retro jeans, and vibrant sneakers combination for PUMA Palermo campaign. Photo: Francesco Nazardo

Previously, Dua Lipa showcased the PUMA Thrifted pack and also embraced high fashion with the Versace La Vacanza campaign. The PUMA Palermo sneaker, revered as a guest of honor, is showcased amid frescoes and fresh produce, embodying a unique blend of classic and modern aesthetics.

Dua Lipa strikes a pose in Italy for PUMA’s Palermo advertisements, featuring an all-black ensemble. Photo: Francesco Nazardo

Its latest iteration pays homage to its rich history as a cherished favorite in 1980s football stadiums. While its design, featuring a T-toe construction and the classic gum outsole, remains faithful to its roots, the introduction of vibrant new colorways injects a contemporary flair into this storied silhouette.

Pop sensation Dua Lipa channels blokecore in a red jersey ensemble while sporting the PUMA Palermo sneakers. Photo: Francesco Nazardo

Dua Lipa, embracing the timeless low-top, expertly pairs it with oversized athletic wear, denim, and team-colored tricots, encapsulating a contemporary terrace aesthetic that resonates with today’s fashion-forward audience.

Dua Lipa’s involvement injects a dynamic energy into the campaign. Her excitement for Palermo’s new colorways and their styling versatility reflects the sneaker’s ability to transcend trends. “Shooting in an incredible Italian villa was the ideal setting for a campaign celebrating a timeless classic like the Palermo,” Lipa remarks.

PUMA ambassador Dua Lipa leads the new Palermo campaign with pink sneakers. Photo: Francesco Nazardo

The PUMA Palermo, in its exciting new colorways, is now accessible for sneaker enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike. Available on, flagship stores, and select retailers, this launch is just the commencement of what promises to be an intriguing journey into 2024 and beyond.

Image Source: lev radin / Shutterstock

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