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Stunning Appearance of Anya Taylor-Joy & Willow Smith in Dior Forever Glow Star Ad


Stunning Appearance of Anya Taylor-Joy & Willow Smith in Dior Forever Glow Star Ad

Dior unveiled the latest Forever Glow Star Filter, generating excitement with a captivating campaign featuring Anya Taylor-Joy and Willow Smith. This versatile item aims to enhance the complexion by illuminating, refining, and softening, perfect for individuals desiring a more effortless appearance.

Anya Taylor-Joy, recognized for her prior involvement in Dior Forever’s Skin Glow promotion, reunites with the high-end label, presenting their enduring collaboration. In contrast, Willow Smith makes her first appearance for the cosmetics brand in this advertisement, symbolizing a noteworthy achievement.

Dior Forever Glow Star Filter 2024 Ad

The Forever Glow Star Filter distinguishes itself with its weightless composition, catering to those who favor understated or extravagant aesthetics.

In the advertising materials, Willow Smith flaunts her distinct fashion sense with shoulder-length box braids and multiple nose piercings, embodying a fusion of contemporary elegance with individual style.

Anya Taylor-Joy captivates with her signature golden tresses while showcasing a shimmering silver top. The performer has served as a brand representative since 2022. Dior emphasizes the adaptable characteristics of the Forever Glow Star Filter, proposing it can be utilized in three distinct manners.

The product can be used independently for a subtle, organic radiance, blended with or applied prior to the Dior Forever Skin Glow foundation for extra luminosity, or as a post-foundation enhancement to accentuate specific facial attributes.

Image Source: DFree / Shutterstock

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