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Scarlett Johansson Team-Up With David Yurman’s Festive Jewelry Ad


Scarlett Johansson Team-Up With David Yurman’s Festive Jewelry Ad

Scarlett Johansson appears absolutely gorgeous in the most recent David Yurman ad, elegantly presenting holiday jewelry creations with grace and style. Recognized for her captivating presence on the big screen, Johansson introduces the same allure to this magnificent assortment, highlighting the Pavéflex and Starburst collections.

Scarlett Johansson in David Yurman’s 2023 Holiday Jewelry

The promotional campaign, expertly captured by Glen Luchford, displays the intricate designs and exceptional craftsmanship found in David Yurman’s works. Johansson, styled by George Cortina in a stylish white simulated fur coat, perfectly complements the sparkling Pavéflex necklace, rings, and bracelets meticulously crafted from diamonds and 18k gold.

This line, famous for its distinct flexibility, gracefully adapts to the body, adding a refined touch to Johansson’s outfit, making each piece an ideal option for holiday presents or personal pampering.

Scarlett Johansson has an ongoing partnership with David Yurman, extending beyond this holiday ad. She has also collaborated on the LESGC initiative and the Nature’s Artistry promotions in the past.

Image Source: Silvi Photo @ShutterStock

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