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New alliance formed by Dune in cooperation with Reskinned for recycling program


New alliance formed by Dune in cooperation with Reskinned for recycling program

An innovative take-back program has been unveiled by Dune London in collaboration with second-hand goods specialists Reskinned.

Customers can trade in their worn-out shoes to receive a voucher valued at a maximum of £40 to use towards their next purchase, regardless of the condition of the shoes.

Under the agreement, Reskinned will take on the task of ensuring that used Dune shoes are kept in use for as long as possible through resale, repair, and the creation of inventive solutions for the end-of-life phase for each pair.

As part of its broader commitment to reducing fashion waste, the footwear and accessories retailer has incorporated this initiative into its sustainability strategy.

Clara Eisenberg, Director of Sustainability, commented, “We are thrilled to have joined forces with Reskinned to implement this component of our responsibility program.

“We are aware that many of our customers own stunning Dune London footwear that may be stashed away, and we are enthusiastic about launching this partnership to give these second-hand shoes a second lease on life.”

River Island has also recently launched an eBay store to market second-hand items as part of its own recycling initiative with Reskinned.

In a similar move, Seasalt has introduced a resale platform in collaboration with Reskinned, offering patrons the opportunity to purchase second-hand and refurbished items from the brand that have been turned in by other customers.


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