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List Of Attires Featured In Emily Season 3 Fashion


List Of Attires Featured In Emily Season 3 Fashion

Ever since the conclusion of the first season, the fan base of the Emily in Paris series has been established. People either adore it or dislike it entirely. Darren Star’s productions typically revolve around everyday life, but for certain viewers, the narrative of Emily in Paris comes across as too much of a “fairy tale.” Nevertheless, for those who truly appreciate it, such as us, this third season promises to be even more intense and stylish.

Under the direction of Marilin Fitoussi as the costume designer in the third season, each character’s visual representation has been impeccably executed. As the protagonist, Emily’s fashion now beautifully integrates French chic elements. Still embracing vibrant hues and playful designs, Emily exudes a more refined and professional appeal. Transitioning more towards trousers, Emily has personally experienced the “French Revolution.” Other characters capturing attention with their wardrobe choices include the increasingly dramatic Mindy, the chic and daring Camille, and the always on-point style of Sylvie!

Feeling inspired yet? Here, we delve into What We Admire From Emily Season 3 Fashion In Elaborate Detail:

Abundant With Vibrancy

Embarking on the early episodes, Emily adorns this vibrant ensemble fittingly. A striped shirt mirrors her uncertain career and relationships. Despite grey areas, Emily’s optimism consistently conquers challenges. Accompanied by her best friend Mindy, whose outfits are consistently flawless.

Sophisticated Daring Ensemble

Camille’s style embodies a delicate mix of classic French fundamentals with a touch of kitsch, evident from Seasons 1 and 2. Oversized glasses reminiscent of Iris Apfel, a bold orange-green Jacquemus blazer, and a modernized Schiaparelli tweed set.

Exquisite Glimmer

Special occasions call for the perfect ambiance and a touch of shimmer. Emily radiates in this high-necked Paco Rabanne attire. The silver and red gradient exudes maximum impact with minimal effort, as she shares an intimate moment with Alfie in episode 3.

Elegant Blazer

Why opt for a restrictive outfit on a hectic workday? Whether it’s a rainbow-hued plaid blazer or a whimsical purple and gold jacket paired with an all-black ensemble, Emily’s style exudes a vibrant burst of color.

Dramatic Statement

For the lavender fields, Emily’s outfit couldn’t be more perfect—if only she could take a moment to enjoy the fragrance. Paired with contemporary jewelry and a sophisticated updo, it’s a flawless match for the setting. The striking zebra jacket is a standout piece! Let’s not forget, at an event with Maison Lavaux and McLaren, Emily enchanted guests in a Giuseppe Di Morabito mini dress alongside a bold lavender jacket.

Gingham Resurgence

Catching eyes amidst the Parisian streets, Emily rocks a monochrome plaid bralette paired with a sheer, draped blazer and red bottoms.

This season, Emily in Paris seems to embrace the iconic print. The blue gingham swimsuit, coupled with white-rimmed cat eye shades, makes a striking statement for casual poolside gatherings.


Monochrome might be trending in 2022, but Emily doesn’t quite resonate with minimalism — and we appreciate that. She did come close with this yellow attire.

Intricate Touches

As Emily rushes to meet Alfie, she appears in a vision of pink in Paris. A pink fur coat paired with turquoise platform heels and a sleek ponytail sets off the look against the Parisian backdrop.

Athleisure Vibes

While the striking cherry pattern might not be Emily’s typical wardrobe choice, it is sure to draw attention at your local gym. Opt for a top and jacket with joggers for your next airport excursion—and don’t forget to pack Pierre Cadault’s case, as acclaimed in season 2.

The Overcoat

The focal point is undeniable when Emily assembles a business casual ensemble for a lecture or interview—a chic overcoat.

Blossoming Florals

What a delightful floral ensemble!

Image Source: DFree / Shutterstock

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