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All You Must Grasp About Korean Ulzzang


All You Must Grasp About Korean Ulzzang

Korean trendsetting styles and cosmetic looks swiftly gained fame across the globe. Currently, one of the most widespread trends is the sensation surrounding the Korean ulzzang style.

Attention, here are Essential Facts About Korean Ulzzang;

What is the Meaning of Ulzzang?

Ulzzang is a term popular in South Korea to denote individuals who possess flawless visages or what is commonly known as; attractive. Those with an ulzzang appearance are often photogenic and fairly popular. Hence, it is no surprise that these ulzzang aesthetics have set the standards for Korean looks.

Fascinating Aspects of Ulzzang

Originally coined for a beauty competition on social platforms. Subsequently, this term has been utilized to describe girls with attractive faces in the online realm.

Unlike other renowned celebrities or actors famous for their appealing looks, “Ulzzang” is primarily used for ordinary individuals.

1. Gained Popularity Since the End of the 90s

The term began rising in Korea in the late 1990s. Specifically, when social networking sites like Cyworld and digital cameras gained massive popularity.

2. Originated from Three High School Girls

It all began with three high school girls who went on to be recognized as the Ulzzang Eun-Kwang Trio. The moniker Eun-Kwang was derived from the name of their school. Subsequently, the term’s popularity surged.

3. Increased Opportunities in the Entertainment Industry

Typically, people attaining the charming title in this virtual sphere often receive offers to pursue careers as artists or in the modeling domain.

Ulzzang Style

Closely resembling the Harajuku trend from Japan, their style also boasts distinct characteristics.

Short Dresses: Ulzzangs deliberately opt for short attire to exude a cute and slim appearance. Typically accompanied by adorable poses when sharing OOTD on social media.

High-Waisted Jeans and Petite Tops: When not donning short dresses, Ulzzangs commonly sport high-waist jeans paired with petite tops. This combination accentuates a slender physique and a charming look.

Varying Color Palettes: Pastel shades, earthy tones, and monochromes are usually favored by Ulzzangs. They often opt for plain garments adorned with unique embellishments like ruffles, etc.

Ulzzang Makeup

Subsequently, achieving Ulzzang status heavily revolves around the makeup aesthetic. Here are some makeup recommendations:

1. Cushioned Foundation

The Ulzzang trend prefers using cushion foundation to achieve a more naturally flawless and radiant look.

2. Brow Mascara

Utilize brow mascara to shape your eyebrows naturally. Ditching eyebrow pencils, especially for those with thick eyebrows, apply brow mascara to fill in any gaps.

3. Highlighter Application

Korean ulzzang style emphasizes highlighting under the eyes, on the eyelids, cheekbones, and bridge of the nose for a naturally dewy complexion.

4. Liquid or Gel Liner for Enlarged Eyes

This method enlarges eyes subtly without appearing exaggerated. Opt for liquid or gel liner depending on your skill level and mood.

5. Essential Mascara

Mascara holds a crucial role in Korean ulzzang makeup, particularly in enhancing the eyes. Ulzzangs often use voluminous mascara to give a natural curled appearance to their lashes.

6. Embrace the Blush

Blush is integral to achieving the innocent or adorable facade typical of Ulzzang makeup. The application of blush significantly enhances the overall appeal.

7. Ombre Lips

The ombre lips style is a trademark of Korean ulzzangs. The application is simple, just apply concealer, then a nude lipmate around the outer lips, and finally a cherry red lip tint on the inner lips to achieve a stunning ombre lips effect.

Image Source: metamorworks / Shutterstock

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