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Jacquemus Introduces Holiday Vibes to Summer 2023 Ads


Jacquemus Introduces Holiday Vibes to Summer 2023 Ads

Jacquemus warmly welcomes you to embark on a sun-drenched voyage with its spring and summer 2023 promotion, a tribute to the untroubled essence of holiday season. Envision yourself on sandy shores, experiencing the gentle breeze embrace your skin while reveling in the lavish yet easygoing atmosphere that this assortment embraces.

In this captivating visual narrative, the gorgeous Vittoria Ceretti takes the spotlight, effortlessly capturing the spirit of summer refinement. Photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch immortalizes every outfit, ensuring that each picture serves as a peek into a world of polished beauty and leisure.

Jacquemus Summer 2023 Ads

It’s noteworthy that Jacquemus has a talent for drawing remarkable individuals. In preceding promotions, figures like Sydney Sweeney and Kendall Jenner have graced the label with their presence, further affirming its status as a leading French designer label.

Indulge in the Jacquemus summer 2023 color palette that smoothly melds calming neutrals—such as pure white, enduring beige, and timeless black—with pops of lively yellow. It’s a remarkable blend that mirrors the sun’s bright energy and injects a dash of lighthearted positivity into the collection.

Delve into the thoughtfully curated outfits that emanate an unmistakable French elegance. Envision adorning yourself with an off-kilter twisted bandeau top, flawlessly matched with a coordinating skirt ensemble, evoking an air of easy sophistication.

Or perhaps picture yourself in a fitted waist blazer dress, effortlessly commanding attention with its sleek lines and enduring charm.

No outfit is whole without the perfect embellishments, and Jacquemus comprehends this. The iconic diminutive bags, a veritable symbol of the label’s ingenuity, discover their ideal companions in wide-brimmed sun hats and retro-inspired sunglasses all styled by Ursina Gysi.

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