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Here’s How to Stylishly Dress Like a “High-Society” Woman


Here’s How to Stylishly Dress Like a “High-Society” Woman

When pondering about traditional and lavish fashion, one might contemplate the style often referred to as the ‘old money’ trend, which is currently trending on Tiktok and other social media platforms like Vanilla aesthetic. This fashion movement essentially signifies how affluent individuals used to attire themselves with sophisticated and classy ensembles.

What Constitutes Old Money Fashion?

The old money style embodies a minimalist fashion approach without prominently displaying logos or brand names. Typically, the old money ladies exude elegance without brandishing any specific labels. They prioritize high-quality tailoring and luxurious fabrics in their attire. Old money garments usually encompass blazers, basic shirts, and loose trousers in neutral shades such as black, navy, and cream.

How to Embrace the Old Money Woman Look?

– Opt for Classic and Everlasting Attire

Invest in classy wardrobe essentials like blazers, shirts, and trousers. Blazers can be paired with various outfits, while shirts and trousers are ideal for formal events.

– Steer Clear of Trendy Fashion

Although trendy pieces may seem stylish, they quickly go out of vogue. Instead, choose timeless outfits with a minimalist design and superior quality materials.

– Stick to Neutral Tones

Opt for classic colors like black, navy, and beige when dressing in an old money style. These timeless shades never go out of fashion and can be combined with a variety of ensembles.

– Incorporate Minimalist Accessories

Add a touch of refinement to your look with minimalist jewelry or a watch. Belts, scarves, and hats can also enhance an outfit without being ostentatious.

Where to Purchase Old Money Attire?

Here are top fashion brands that offer old money clothing;

1. Brunello Cucinelli

This Italian brand, established in 1978, is also known as the “King of Cashmere”. Brunello Cucinelli is renowned for crafting cashmere sweaters that are not only comfortable and trendy but also opulent.

2. Loro Piana

Loro Piana is famed for its high-quality cashmere products. The brand comes with a premium price tag as it utilizes the finest and rarest materials sourced from around the world, such as unique cashmere from northern Chinese goats and Mongolia.

3. The Row

Founded by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, The Row is known for its “no logo” apparel designs, lending them an air of mystery, sophistication, and luxury. The Row’s wardrobe is suitable for fashionable everyday wear.

4. Victoria Beckham

Despite its minimalist design, Victoria Beckham’s clothing collection is adorned with vibrant color combinations that attract attention. The clean and professional cuts make the clothing ideal for career-oriented women.

5. Ralph Lauren

When thinking of the old money aesthetic, the first fashion brand that comes to mind is undoubtedly Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren has remained faithful to clothing designs that are classic, elegant, and luxurious.

Image Source: Floral Deco / Shutterstock

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