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Hailey Bieber Appears Gorgeous In Calvin Klein Festive 2023 Advertisement


Hailey Bieber Appears Gorgeous In Calvin Klein Festive 2023 Advertisement

Calvin Klein’s festive 2023 advertising campaign features Hailey Bieber as the lead. Image: James Brodribb

The holiday 2023 campaign by Calvin Klein has been unveiled, starring the supermodel Hailey Bieber. The campaign highlights a range of winter attire, such as elegant slips, well-fitted blazers, and comfortable jumpers, perfectly capturing the spirit of the holiday season.

Hailey Bieber in the Calvin Klein Holiday 2023 Campaign

Hailey Bieber striking a pose in a slip dress inspired by the 90s for Calvin Klein’s holiday 2023 campaign. Image: James Brodribb

The campaign embraces a color palette featuring rich reds, sparkling silvers, and timeless black. Captured by James Brodribb, the advertisements will be presented on digital platforms and outdoor locations throughout the United States.

As the face of the Calvin Klein holiday ads, Hailey Bieber dons a comfy sweater. Image: James Brodribb

Renowned for her contributions to the fashion industry, Hailey Bieber has previously partnered with FILA. In this campaign, she showcases a more sophisticated style that impeccably encapsulates the holiday ambiance.

Supermodel Hailey Bieber posing in a cut-out crimson dress from Calvin Klein’s holiday collection. Image: James Brodribb

Throughout the campaign, Hailey is depicted against backgrounds adorned with red, black, and white hues that complement her ensembles. Noteworthy moments include her appearance in a daringly cut crimson party dress and her infectious smile as she flaunts a fuzzy turtleneck jumper.

Calvin Klein presents a refined blazer ensemble for its holiday campaign featuring Hailey Bieber. Image: James Brodribb

With a diverse portfolio, spanning collaborations with beauty brands and her recent work with Calvin Klein, Hailey Bieber offers a fresh perspective on holiday fashion, seamlessly blending classic and contemporary elements.

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