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About Her New Jewelry Collection – A Conversation with Melody Law


About Her New Jewelry Collection – A Conversation with Melody Law

Melody Law striking a pose at the 2022 Beyond Hollywood International Film Festival in Beverly Hills

Renowned for her success in modeling and entrepreneurship, Melody Law recently unveiled her captivating new jewelry line, Melody Law Jewellery. We caught up with Melody to discuss her latest endeavor and glean some insights on choosing the perfect piece of jewelry for various occasions.

What motivated you to launch Melody Law Jewellery?

Melody: Driven by my deep-rooted passion for fashion and the joy of accessorizing, I was inspired to offer guidance to individuals struggling to harmonize their attire with cherished jewelry pieces, particularly statement items. Witnessing many confide that they seldom wear their beloved jewelry due to styling dilemmas, it struck me as unfortunate. I aspire to impart fashion counsel and instigate a sense of empowerment through adorning oneself with jewelry that brings forth confidence and allure. Through the creation of Melody Law’s exquisite jewelry collection, my aim is to spread a message of elegance and self-expression across the globe, igniting a wave of self-appreciation and beauty.

Melody Law Talks About Her New Jewellery Brand
Melody Law exuding grace in Bel Air

Any tips for selecting jewelry?

Melody: Embrace pieces that resonate with you instantly and curate a diverse collection of styles and hues within your jewelry box – ensure they see the light of day!

When deciding what to don, contemplate the nature of the event – be it formal or casual. Harmonize your jewelry with your outfit, ensuring the colors complement your complexion and physique. Above all, prioritize comfort and exude confidence in your unique style.

Melody Law Talks About Her New Jewellery Brand
Melody Law Talks About Her New Jewellery Brand

Your go-to jewelry piece?

Melody: Earrings hold a special place in my heart – they possess a transformative allure complementing any attire. Whether opting for a makeup-free look or attending a casual affair, a pair of dainty diamond studs is my go-to. For formal outings or red-carpet affairs, I opt for statement pieces or elongated drop earrings to elevate my ensemble.

Ideal jewelry for an LA luncheon?

Melody: The selection depends on the venue and your personal style. Each individual exudes a distinct charm and aesthetic. For upscale establishments such as Ivy, Soho House, and The Beverly Wilshire Garden Bar, opt for a sophisticated and refined ensemble. For a more laid-back ambiance at venues like Urth Café, The W Hotel Pool, and The Grove, embrace a relaxed and playful look.

Melody Law Talks About Her New Jewellery Brand
Melody Law enchanting at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills

Attire choice for a New York Gala?

Melody: While my outfit remains undecided, a pair of elegant long gold drop earrings exudes sophistication and class.

Current Netflix favorites?

Melody: I find solace in comedy films on various streaming platforms.

Podcasts on your radar?

Melody: Presently, I’m engrossed in “Eckhart Tolle – Essential Teaching” on Spotify. I hold a deep admiration for Eckhart Tolle’s teachings, particularly his acclaimed works, “Power of Now” and “The New Earth.”

Where to explore your collection?

Melody: Visit us at

Find us on Instagram: @melodylaws_jewellery

May it boost your confidence and instill a sense of self-assuredness.

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