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6 Trendy Dior Purses That Jisoo BLACKPINK’s Endorses


6 Trendy Dior Purses That Jisoo BLACKPINK’s Endorses

Each member of BLACKPINK has their preferred luxury brands; Jennie for Chanel; Rosé for Saint Laurent, Lisa for Celine and Jisoo for Dior’s exquisite creations to complement her gentle and pure persona.

Jisoo BLACKPINK has ascended to become the brand ambassador for Dior in recent years, consistently providing stylish It-bag inspiration in every one of her ensembles.

Be it at a public function or a casual outing, Jisoo is frequently spotted with the incredibly trendy Dior collection of purses. Whenever the star showcases this high-end brand’s purse, the same style experiences a surge in sales.

In addition to expressing her adoration for Dior, Jisoo frequently accessorizes her attire with this iconic brand’s bag at various events, airports, and even in the selfies she shares on her Instagram feed.

Below, explore the most stylish, must-have purses from Dior’s collection that you should definitely take a look at.

Small Lady Dior My ABCDiod Bag

  • Micro Lady D-Joy Bag
  • The Lady 95.22,
  • Bag Small Lady D-Joy Bag,
  • Medium Lady D-Lite Bag
  • Medium Lady Dior Bag

Image Source: Creative Lab / Shutterstock

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