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Vestiaire Collective Harnesses AI to Broaden Multi-Lingual Site Outreach


Vestiaire Collective Harnesses AI to Broaden Multi-Lingual Site Outreach

The second-hand clothing platform Vestiaire Collective utilizes artificial intelligence to debut its websites in Chinese, Dutch, and Swedish, thereby expanding its global footprint.

Employing AI has enabled the firm to seamlessly roll out and sustain new linguistic versions for its consumers and to refine the handling of customer support inquiries within these territories.

The decision follows a 208% uptick in demand from Hong Kong in the preceding three years, prompting the fashion reseller to open additional offices and distribution hubs to reinforce local trade.

The launch of a dedicated Chinese platform is part of Vestiaire Collective’s initiative to bridge the distance between consumers and a fashion sector committed to eco-consciousness and revitalization, with Hong Kong playing an essential role in the company’s strategy for the Asia-Pacific region.

Even with a reach spanning 70 nations, the service had previously provided just six language-specific interfaces.

The recently implemented AI solutions streamline the multilingual adaptation and routine interaction with users, obviating the requirement of supplementary service personnel.

Post the addition of the latest language versions in areas like Hong Kong, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Sweden, the brand has noted a 200% rise in acquiring new patrons.

The deployment of AI not only ensures more accurate translations but also promotes operational efficiency in answering client concerns, thereby elevating assistance quality and simplifying business practices.

As Klemen Drole, Vestiaire Collective’s Chief Operations Officer, identifies, the adoption of artificial intelligence permits their workforce to augment linguistic proficiencies with finesse and to polish the browsing and purchasing experience for customers.

“This enhanced language accessibility moreover aids us in cultivating deeper bonds with our global base and in scouting additional expansion opportunities in lucrative markets,” adds Drole.

Image Attribution: LookerStudio / Shutterstock

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