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Tips for Styling Outfits with Sneaker Wedges


Tips for Styling Outfits with Sneaker Wedges

The current style trend with wedge sneakers has been popular since 2010 and continues to evolve. Comfortable and trendy, sneakers are now the new ballet flats.

Celebrities’ Fashion Choices with Wedge Sneakers

Wedge sneakers have become a staple for fashion icons like top editors, models, and celebrities such as Beyonce, who sported a pair in her music video for “Love On Top.”

Since then, sneakers have been reinvented in vibrant colors and bold prints, making them a must-have for any fashion-forward individual. Notable trendsetters like Rihanna, Jessica Alba, and Chloe Moretz have been seen rocking sneakers to add a modern touch to their outfits. Even some K-pop stars have jumped on this trend.

Despite their height, wedge sneakers have flat soles, making them comfortable to walk in. The models available are just as appealing as ankle boots, offering a variety of options for your fashion statement.

How to Rock Sneaker Wedges?

Sneaker wedges are a mix of traditional sneakers like Keds blended with a sturdy wedge heel. These shoes are in demand because they are stylish, trendy, and comfortable to wear. As casual footwear, they are best suited for everyday wear rather than formal events or the office.

To style sneaker wedges, try pairing them with skinny pants, leggings, or jeggings to accentuate slender legs. For a more feminine look, mix your sneaker wedges with skirts – whether mini skirts, long chiffon skirts, or even asymmetrical skirts.

When choosing sneaker wedges, opt for neutral tones like white, light brown, beige, or black for easy mix and match options. However, don’t shy away from bold colors or patterns if you enjoy standing out from the crowd.

Image Source: Anna Hoychuk / Shutterstock

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