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Temu Initiates Legal Action Against Shein Over Alleged Coercion Maneuvers


Temu Initiates Legal Action Against Shein Over Alleged Coercion Maneuvers

Temu has launched a legal suit against Shein, claiming that the corporation has been employing coercion tactics against its suppliers, which it characterized as “mafia-style,” while also expressing concerns regarding copyright infringement, according to a submission made on Wednesday.

The Chinese e-commerce titan asserts that Shein has infringed upon its rights to intellectual property and unlawfully detained its vendors, along with implementing other tactics aimed at obstructing Temu’s expansion in the US.

A spokesperson from Temu stated: “We have taken legal action against Shein because their recent actions have escalated to an aggressive level. Their conduct is excessive, leaving us with no alternative but to pursue legal recourse against them.”

This development emerges subsequent to both Temu and Shein recently withdrawing their legal proceedings concerning antitrust and copyright matters against each other.

Last month, Temu encountered the banning of five of its advertisements in the UK due to their perceived sexual explicitness. They were accused of sexualizing a minor and objectifying women. The online marketplace was issued a warning regarding the portrayal of adults as “stereotypical sexual figures” or depicting individuals under 18 in a sexual manner in future advertisements, as several adverts showcased “disembodied female figures clad in tight and revealing attire.”

Shein has been requested to provide a commentary.

Image Source: Tada Images / Shutterstock

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