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Superdry and Dryrobe Settle Trademark Disagreement


Superdry and Dryrobe Settle Trademark Disagreement

Superdry has reached a resolution with outdoor seller Dryrobe over an alleged unauthorized utilization of a similar typeface in Dryrobe’s emblem.

Under the terms of the deal, Dryrobe has committed to ceasing the utilization of any branding featuring the term ‘dry’ in a font resembling Helvetica on their merchandise, promotional materials, and online channels. Additionally, Dryrobe will halt the acquisition of additional stock bearing the infringing symbol.

Superdry conveyed contentment with the settlement in a declaration, noting its correlation to a breach of a previous understanding where Dryrobe had pledged to abstain from procuring goods with a logo infringing on Superdry’s trademark.

“The specifics of the agreement remain undisclosed. Superdry reaffirms its dedication to protecting its brand and intellectual property through appropriate measures,” the statement emphasized.

In a distinct legal matter, Superdry instituted legal proceedings against Manchester City over an alleged violation of trademark connected to the design of the “Asahi super ‘dry’” training uniforms for upcoming seasons.

Superdry posits that the resemblances between “Super ‘Dry’” and its brand name are so minute that they could easily evade notice by the typical customer.

Image Credit: Manuel Esteban / Shutterstock

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