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Primark Seeks to Broaden Trial For In-Store Collection


Primark Seeks to Broaden Trial For In-Store Collection

Primark is aiming to expand its experimentation of in-store collection to more outlets and potentially to global markets, as verified by its Chief Executive Officer.

The trendy rapid fashion brand is presently piloting in-store collection in 57 outlets for its women’s and children’s apparel ranges.

During the LIVE Retail Week x Grocer conference, Primark CEO Paul Marchant expressed: “This trial supplements our brick-and-mortar store approach by drawing in more clientele to our outlets. Patrons are placing online orders for collection, and upon visiting the store, they frequently make supplementary purchases.”

“We are contemplating broadening the trial to additional outlets and potentially venturing into new markets in the subsequent phase of our in-store collection strategy,” Marchant further added.

Nonetheless, the Chief Executive Officer highlighted that doorstep delivery is not economically feasible for Primark because of its modest price levels and order fulfillment expenditures.

In September, Primark launched in-store collection for women’s apparel in chosen outlets across Greater London, the North West of England, and North Wales.

This endeavor enabled shoppers at the bargain retailer to place orders for approximately 2,500 items for in-store collection.

Image Origin: fokke baarssen / Shutterstock

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