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Lana Heels Are The Celebrities’ New Favourite Shoes


Lana Heels Are The Celebrities’ New Favourite Shoes

New Celebrity Favorite Shoes, Lana Heels – One more thing that must be collected shoes for those who confessed the fashionista.

Lana is the branded heels of the London-based label, Bionda Castana, which have adorned the feet of celebrities such as Zoe Saldana, Anna Paquin, Emma Roberts, Eva Mendes to Olivia Palermo in the last few months. Modern design with a pointy end and a knot at the ankle strap, no wonder the sheer accented shoes quickly became the target of fashion lovers.

Bella Thorne

Playful but still feminine, these shoes appear to represent the character of the Disney actress Bella Thorne. Look at one of the awards in Los Angeles, stars Forget Me Not performing with superior crop top and pencil skirt. Bionda Castana shoes in yellow, pale brighten nuanced fashion.

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth appeared playful short dress cut with a firm, yet feminine florals and ornaments for ribbons at the waist. It looks so look more mature when the shoe named Lana was performed with a darker color choice.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana appeared in London with all-white dress that is chic and sophisticated. Bright red color choice for shoes give different shades of white and of course make much of an impression monotonous.

Eva Mendes

From fashion retro modern style and now, with a collared dress shirt. In fact the design of the shoe designer duo Natalia Barbieri and Jennifer Portmanini is suitable for use in all occasions.

Emma Roberts

Monochrome shades for a feminine equivalent of passing detail embroidery and lace worn Emma Roberts packed more edgy when paired with black shoes with Lana.

Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy Caplan make all black look more colorful and minimalist so the statement issued from the red shoes.

Chery Cole

Singer Cheryl Cole share happiness birthday in June. He appeared edgy with matching casual, black Tshirt, leather pants, white blazer and shoes Lana gives little impression of chic and feminine.

Anna Paquin

Actress Anna Paquin appeared with Lana red when talking at the Apple Store in Soho, New York. Professional look with a black blazer looks more chic with a touch of contrasting red.


Image Source: Junipero Official

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