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Here’s All We Love From Emily Season 3 Fashion


Here’s All We Love From Emily Season 3 Fashion

Since the first season ends, the Emily in Paris series has its own fans. Either you really like it or you don’t like at all. This Darren Star’s works are usually about everyday life, but for some viewers, the story of Emily in Paris is too much like a “fairy tale”. But for those who really like it, like us, this third season is guaranteed to be more dramatic and fashionable.

Marilin Fitoussi as the costume designer in the third season have succeeded in depicting each character visually so well. As the main character, Emily’s style is now starting to incorporate her French chic elements. Still with bold colors and playful pattern, Emily is much more mature and looks more professional. More in pants, Emily experienced the “French Revolution” personally. Other characters that don’t lose attention in clothing are Mindy who is increasingly theatrical, Camille who is chic and increasingly bold, to Sylvie’s style who is always on-point!

Ready to a little inspiration? Here, we break down What We Love From Emily Season 3 Fashion In Every Details:

Full Of Color

When Emily is going through the beginning of this episode. And this colorful outfit sums it up perfectly. With her career and associations being in a gray area, a striped shirt is quite the fit. But Emily’s positive attitude has always overcome these obstacles. And also accompanied by her bestie Mindy, with her outfits are also always perfect.

Classy Bold Outfit

Camille’s sense of style is the subtle balance of traditional French girl foundations with a hint of kitsch as we’ve seen in Seasons 1 and 2. Big, chunky glasses echoing Iris Apfel, an oversized orange-green Jacquemus blazer, and a modernized Schiaparelli tweed set.

Extra Shimmer

Special moments with someone need the perfect mood and the right amount of brilliance. And, Emily dazzled in this high-necked Paco Rabanne number. The silver and red ombre effect creates maximum effect with minimum effort, as Emily spends an intimate moment with Alfie in episode 3.

Chic Jacket

Why should a stressful day at work wear tight outfit? Whether it’s a rainbow-colored plaid blazer or a whimsical purple and gold jacket over an all-black ensemble, Emily’s style quotient is a vibrant splash of color.

Extra Statement

Emily couldn’t have chosen a better outfit for the lavender fields—if she could only put down the tablet to stop and smell the lavender. Paired with modern jewelery and an elegant updo, it’s perfect for the setting. Also the zebra statement jacket, we love it! Don’t forget during an event with Maison Lavaux and McLaren, Emily wore this Giuseppe Di Morabito mini with a chunky lavender jacket to welcome guests to the party.

The Gingham is back!

Emily turns heads on the streets of Paris in a monochrome plaid bralette paired with a sheer, shrugging blazer and red bottoms.

It looks like Emily in Paris will be all about the iconic print this season. And  blue gingham swimsuit paired with white-rimmed cat eye sunglasses makes a jaw-dropping statement for everyday poolside parties.

Almost Monochrome!

Monochrome may be one of 2022’s hottest trends, but minimalism doesn’t seem to be Emily’s thing — and we love her for it. She was indeed quite close to this yellow outfit.

Extra details

Emily looks like a pink vision in Paris as she rushes over to Alfie. A pink fur coat with turquoise platform heels and a sleek ponytail makes the look stand out against a Parisian backdrop.

The Athleisure

The eye-catching cherry pattern might not be outrageous for Emily’s wardrobe, but at your local gym, the look is sure to trigger a few double-takes. Better yet, pair a top and jacket with joggers for your next airport outing—and make sure you pack the case for season 2’s acclaimed Pierre Cadault.

The Coat

The most conspicuous channel when Emily puts together a business casual look for a class presentation or interview is the chic coat.

Go On With Floral

Also what a lovely floral outfit!

Image Source: DFree / Shutterstock

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