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Harley-Davidson Initiates Legal Proceedings Against Next Over Trademark Grievance


Harley-Davidson Initiates Legal Proceedings Against Next Over Trademark Grievance

The celebrated motorbike brand Harley-Davidson has initiated a lawsuit against Next over claims that a t-shirt available for purchase imitates the distinctive emblem of Harley-Davidson, as per judicial documentation filed with the High Court in London.

The famous bike corporation alleges that Next has emulated its storied logo, presenting a shirt design adorned with wing and flame motifs akin to those associated with Harley-Davidson. The Financial Times reports that the shirt’s “Rise and Roar” catchphrase is considered excessively similar to Harley-Davidson’s own protected marks.

The disputed item, a “Black Fearless Stud Graphic Long Sleeve T-Shirt,” is showcased on Next’s digital storefront and comes in sizes suitable for both young children and adolescents, sporting a price tag that varies from £6 to £8.50.

Harley-Davidson’s formal grievance suggests that Next’s merchandise is essentially an imitation of their globally acknowledged insignia and pronounces that the fusion of imagery and slogans employed resembles motifs normally linked with motorbike culture, explicitly resembling Harley-Dragon’s market identity.

Employing imagery of darkness, blazes, and pinions are hackneyed motifs in the branding and trademarks of [Harley-Davidson],” the powerful motorcycle empire noted. It insisted that the design employed by Next may inadvertently evoke recollections of Harley-Davidson’s unique imagery in the observer’s mind.

The bike producer demands legal adjudication in favor of Harley-Davidson, declaring Next’s infringement on its trademark privileges, alongside seeking a judicial mandate to oblige the apparel company to obliterate all merchandise infringing on these rights.

While Harley-Dison has withheld any direct comments on the subject, Next has been reached out to in search of a response from their end.

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