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Expansion of Liberty’s Exclusive Products to Drive Business Growth


Expansion of Liberty’s Exclusive Products to Drive Business Growth

Liberty intends to boost its in-house product line, particularly in the beauty segment, to propel its growth. There are potential plans to establish standalone stores as part of this growth strategy.

According to the Financial Times, CEO Adil Mehboob-Khan aims to capitalize on the popularity of the company’s exclusive goods to expand its operations.

Last year, Liberty unveiled LBTY, its beauty brand featuring five premium perfumes inspired by its patterns.

In an interview with the publication, Mehboob-Khan highlighted the exceptional performance of the retailer’s own label and the strong demand for the new perfumes, with potential for global expansion.

The shift towards exclusive products aligns with department stores’ increasing emphasis on items with higher profit margins and a competitive edge.

The Liberty CEO indicated significant demand for their brand to expand beyond online retail and potentially lead to the inauguration of dedicated stores exclusively offering the company’s exclusive products, a venture unprecedented since the last century.

Mehboob-Khan envisions new outlets under the Liberty brand, signaling a potential appetite for their proprietary stores. Nonetheless, he underscored the challenge of replicating the unique ambiance of the Liberty store in new locations.

This move comes in the midst of a challenging luxury fashion market, with the CEO anticipating strong performance in beauty and accessories but expressing uncertainty regarding the fashion sector.

Image Source: EQRoy / Shutterstock

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