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Discover This Asian-Influenced Assortment By Charlotte Olympia


Discover This Asian-Influenced Assortment By Charlotte Olympia

Feast Your Eyes on the New Asian-Themed Collection by Charlotte Olympia

Presenting the most recent range of accessories crafted by Charlotte Olympia to elevate your style.

What does this new collection entail?

This current season, Charlotte Olympia drew inspiration from ancient empires and translated it into her footwear and handbags. Towering Ming Vase heels adorned with hand-drawn patterns reflect the rich heritage of Chinese civilization in a remarkable way. Silk Crouching Tiger flats embellished with imperial yellow embroidery seemingly channel the essence of the Great Wall in China.

What sets them apart?

Beyond the vibrant hues and sumptuous materials, there are also distinctive inspirations from the land of bamboo such as panda-printed totes and red lantern motifs that blend seamlessly with Charlotte Olympia’s consistent design aesthetic and are also evident across the other bag collections.

Elegant Pieces Infused with Chinese Influence

In the realm of clutches, Charlotte Olympia presents an alluring design in the form of the Ornate Palace Pandora clutch adorned with golden motifs depicting lion emblems that create the illusion of an opulent Chinese dynasty. For the handbag selection, Charlotte Olympia has introduced the Take Me Away Box bag featuring a transparent handle.

Image Source: Footwear News

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