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Best Guide To Wear Wedding Guest Attire On Spring


Best Guide To Wear Wedding Guest Attire On Spring

It’s time to say goodbye to long-sleeved dresses and put your winter coat on your closet and say hello to backless or midi floral dresses with flowy style. Dressing for a wedding is a sign of respect for the brides and the guest, and your attire should always be modest, conservative and appropriate. But keep in mind, there are some unwritten rules designed to follow to make us feel more comfortable for all social situations.

Below, we break down what to wear to a spring wedding 2023 trends to see the ceremony aisle. And, to make your life as easy as possible, we’ve put together ultimate guide to follow and chic spring dresses for wedding guests for every style and budget.

1. Go with floral

From stylish blouses to elegant maxi dresses, there are many floral silhouettes to wear this season. When shopping for spring wedding guest attire, look for something light, breathable fabrics, and pay attention to the color palette and patterns.

6 Ultimate Guides To Wear Wedding Guest Attire On Spring
Picturesque Moments Brown Floral Print Strappy Maxi Dress

Floral Dressed Up Dusty Blue Floral Print Midi Dress

2. Avoid white or light colors

Speaking of color palettes, first and important: don’t wear something white (unless the couple requests all white as dress code). Even pale or pastels like pale blues, greens, yellows, light gray, and anything that super light will all look lighter in the photo. Simple design with few white elements is fine, but make sure the other bold color is far more dominant than any white background.

Meant to Shine Mauve Floral Jacquard Long Sleeve Mini Dress

Won Your Heart Sage Green Lace Tie-Strap High-Low Midi Dress

3. Follow the dress code (if any)

If an invitation says ‘gladly invite you to the best day ever’, that’s usually an indication that the event isn’t formal. Even if there is a dress code make sure you dress formally and stick to neutral tones for the wedding.

Promise Of Love Sage Brush Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress

I’m All Yours Burgundy Ruffled Maxi Dress

4. Don’t wear too sexy

The ultimate rule is not to wear anything see-through, sexy, even if it’s on purpose. You have to consider your audience. Cleavage does happen, but don’t make it the focal point of your outfit. If you need to highlight something, consider going to a makeup artist and telling them you want something bold and new, or manicure with wedding-themed nail art.

Beyond Amazing Light Green Floral Jacquard Puff Sleeve Dress

Classic Elegance Blush Satin Sleeveless Mock Neck Maxi Dress

5. Choose something elegant

Wear all accessories elegantly. Choose something simple but elegant for your wedding guest outfit. For example, wear elegant and minimalist jewelry, a clutch with a chic design, and pair of shoes that are comfortable but pleasing to see.

Sleek Celebration Metallic Gold Crocodile-Embossed Box Clutch

Darling Daylily Black Floral Print High-Low Maxi Dress

6. Don’t over dressed or too casual

This goes beyond not wearing anything white or too revealing or even it too casual. If you want to look your best, this is not the time to be competing. If you’re going to a wedding from a culture different from yours, consider doing some research or asking some friends. This wedding is a special day for the bride and groom so try to cherish them and give some respect.

Good Times Only Black One-Shoulder Maxi Dress

Chic Aspirations Emerald Green Satin Blazer
Image Source: Pressmaster / Shutterstock

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